Meet Your Coaching Team

Hi there! I’m Reid and this is my amazing wife Kayla. We met in high school back before dating sites were cool and now (along with our 3 crazy kids!) we can’t wait for our next adventure of spreading the message and the movement that is . . . Training For Warriors!

Training For Warriors has truly been the glue that brought our family closer together 6+ years ago. I remember sitting at our kitchen table at 2:00am, 6-months removed from quitting my lifeless corporate job, and wondering what on earth I was going to do with my life. I’d been doing some personal training, and some generic bootcamp classes at a local gym . . . but I knew that rep-counting and giving generic nutrition advice wasn’t what I was meant to do. I felt a higher purpose to help people not only become fit and healthy, but also to become better PEOPLE.

That’s when Training For Warriors popped up on my computer screen at 2:00am - - and I guess you could say the rest is history.

From then on, I helped open the first TFW in Minnesota back in 2015, coached hundreds of amazing people that I now call my family, and along with Kayla . . . we both got in the best mental and physical shapes of our lives.

Now, along with our awesome coaching team, Kayla and I can only beam with excitement when we get a chance to meet people like you who are simply looking to live a better life. Maybe that means having the energy to play with your kids or move around daily life without pain. Maybe that means getting off your prescription meds or taking on an adventure you’ve always wanted to try.

Whatever a better life means for you, we are confident that Training For Warriors can help you become the type of person you truly want to become.

Viva La Familia!!

Coach Smitty

Who is TFW for?

We define a warrior as anyone prepared to work hard, develop oneself and take on his or her particular challenges in life. The fun and exciting workouts of the TFW system are designed to help you develop the muscular strength and mental fortitude needed to take on those challenges and live your best life possible.

The TFW Difference

Any gym can have equipment and offer workouts. What separates the TFW system from other training programs is its culture. Although TFW encompasses signature warm ups, speed training, strength training, endurance training, flexibility work and nutrition all based on a comprehensive evaluation process, the most important component of the system is its motivational approach and family environment. At TFW, we know if you don’t have fun and enjoy the training, you won’t do it. TFW is not designed as a sport or competition, but focuses on you competing against and bettering your own body, mind and spirit!

YOU need to take a stand!

In this battle called LIFE, you need to recognize that every action you take is either making you better or taking you further away from what you want. In a world of fancy exercises and quick fix marketing hoopla, you have the opportunity to STAND UP and STAND OUT from the masses and start making small daily changes to the way you live your life.

TFW helps you realize that it's NOT all about losing fat, building muscle, and feeling better . . . but rather the PERSON YOU BECOME during the process!

Take a stand for YOU and the people you care about most!!




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